Advocacy and representation are critical components of The Block-Foresight’s mission to bridge the gap between Nigerians and the government of Canada. We believe that all Nigerians in Canada should have access to the same opportunities and rights as any other Canadian citizen.

Our advocacy and representation program is designed to ensure that the voices of Nigerians in Canada are heard and their interests are represented. We work tirelessly to advocate for the needs and concerns of Nigerians in Canada, and to ensure that our community’s contributions are recognized and valued.

We actively engage with the government, policymakers, and other stakeholders to represent the interests of Nigerians in Canada. We work to raise awareness of the issues affecting our community and advocate for policies and programs that benefit Nigerians in Canada. We also provide support and guidance to individual members of our community who may be facing challenges in accessing services or exercising their rights.

Through our advocacy and representation program, we also seek to promote cultural understanding and awareness. We believe that by sharing the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria with Canadians, we can help to break down barriers and build bridges between our two communities.

At The Block-Foresight, we are committed to ensuring that Nigerians in Canada have a voice and are represented at all levels of society. Join us today and gain access to our advocacy and representation program, as well as our other programs and services that are designed to support and empower Nigerians in Canada.